Quantum Computer Programming Puzzler

(by R.R. Tucci)

CarTalk  is a radio show on American Public Radio (NPR) in which  two brothers answer caller's questions about cars and life. For a much more challenging Puzzler, see the CarTalk Puzzler page, which provided the inspiration for this one. It also provided me with the above gif, which I took from it without permission. I will continue to use the gif until someone (you?) reports me to those lousy car mechanics, Tom and Ray Magliozzi. Tom, Ray, have mercy on another fine Italo-American puzzler product !!

Puzzler List

  1. The Deflation Identity (sept 2005)
  2. CNOT Countdown: 3, 2, 1, 0 - Houston, we have ignition! (may 2006)
  3. Opening and Closing a Breach (may 2006)
  4. The Grass IS Greener on the Other Side (may 2006)
  5. Staying in Line (june 2007)
  6. Staying Put (june 2007)

Submissions to Qubit News:

Sept 2005

To foster interest in the writing of QC software, I'm going to try to publish, from time to time, in this forum, a "QC Programming Puzzler". Since QC programming is still so young, and undeveloped, the first puzzler is very simple. A brilliant guy like you should be able to solve it in no time : )

May 2006

The QC Programming Puzzler has been hibernating like a bear since Sept 2005 ( Puzzler 1). But the warm rays of the Summer sun have finally awoken it. The beginning of Summer has energized it to such an extent, that it comes out of its cave growling 3 times as loudly as last year, with 3 new puzzlers:

Puzzler 2

Puzzler 3

Puzzler 4

As usual, answers will be posted in less than a week.

June 2007

It's the beginning of summer in the Northern Hemisphere-- a time for long outdoor walks with your dog, while pondering the mysteries of quantum physics. In February, Farhi-Goldstone-Gutmann (3 avid outdoor walkers, no doubt) published a paper on quantum walks that has caused quite a stir in the quantum computing community. In honor of that paper, this years edition of the QC Programming Puzzler is all about quantum walks, from the QC programmers perspective.

Puzzler 5

Puzzler 6

As usual, answers will be posted in about a week.