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There Are Bayesians Amidst Us!

Reverend Thomas Bayes was a relatively unknown figure during his time. He only published one mathematical paper, a paper which was nearly lost, published posthumously by a friend whose main concern was using Bayes rule to prove the existence of God.

(LA Times 1996)...Steve Ballmer...went to Chairman Bill Gates with his concerns. ...But Gates dismissed such reservations. Microsoft's competitive advantage, he responded, was its expertise in "Bayesian networks."

Erik Horvitz from Microsoft: "Data from Star Trek? He'll be Bayesian."

What is this Bayesianism? Is it a dangerous religious cult that involves mind control, or is it a nefarious secret society run by Microsoft, and intent on world domination? Apparently it has infected some leading physicists in the past (Ed Jaynes, PW Anderson). And now it threatens to contaminate quantum computing! (Search quant-ph for "bayesian" AND "quantum")