Windows Menu

With Quantum Fog, you can have several Main Windows open at the same time, each displaying a different net.

For each Main Window that is open, you can open additional satellite windows. A satellite window (like, for example, the Node Prior-Info. window) shows data that pertains to the Main Window that owns it.

A Main Window together with its satellite windows is called a project. A project is given the same name as its Main Window.

All projects use the same Palette. One can therefore think of the Palette as being JOINTLY owned by all projects.

Occasionally, you may want two satellite windows of the same type but belonging to different projects to be open at the same time. For example, you could open two Main Windows called "QFog-1" and "QFog-2", and then you could open the Node Prior-Info. window for QFog-1 and the Node Prior-Info. window for QFog-2. To prevent confusion in such situations, satellite windows exhibit a small caption with the word "Project:", followed by the name of their project. For example, the Node Prior-Info. window for QFog-1 exhibits the caption: "Project: QFog-1".

The project that owns the currently active window is called the active project.

If you select the Active Project item of the Windows menu, you get a list of all currently open projects. The name of the currently active project is preceded by a check mark. If, in this list, you select the name of any project, that project becomes the active project and its Main Window is selected.

In the Windows menu, all menu items except the first 3 (Active Project:, Open Main Window, and Open Palette), refer to satellite windows owned by the active project.

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