Quantum Fog "Run"

A Quantum Fog Run is a session of Quantum Fog during which one or more e-cases are analyzed sequentially.

In a single-e-case run, you specify the single e-case via the Node Prior-Info. window.

In a many-e-cases run, you specify several e-cases via an e-cases file. The name of the e-cases file is entered into Quantum Fog via the window that opens when one chooses the item: TEXT Files Used During Run... in the Prepare menu.

When Quantum Fog is at the beginning of a run, before having analyzed any e-cases, we say that Quantum Fog is in its initial run-state. Likewise, after finishing with one e-case of an e-cases file, but before beginning a new one, we say that Quantum Fog is in an intermediate run-sate. Immediately after finishing the last e-case, we say that Quantum Fog is in its final run-state.

Note how the last three menus of Quantum Fog depend on the current run-state:

Prepare Menu

All of the items in this menu are disabled (dimmed) if the program is not in the initial run-state. That's because these menu items deal with choices that you must make at the beginning of a run.

Go Menu

Pressing Go Back To Initial State transfers the program from an intermediate or the final run-state to the initial one.

Pressing Go Forward advances the program to the next run-state—either an intermediate or the final one.

Windows Menu

The windows in this menu are grouped according to when they can be opened:

Can be opened at any time:

Can be opened only in the initial run-state:

Can be opened only in intermediate or final run-states:

All Palette items are enabled in the initial run-state. But some Palette items are disabled in the intermediate and final states. In those run-states, Quantum Fog disables those Palette items that would allow you to add new nodes, or to tamper with the transition amplitudes of already existing nodes.

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