1. [Pea88] Judea Pearl, Probabilistic Reasoning in Intelligent Systems: Networks of Plausible Inference  (Morgan Kaufmann, Palo Alto, 1988). A text book dedicated almost exclusively to the subject of classical Bayesian nets, written by one of the fathers of the field.
  2. [Kor91] Ari Kornfeld, "Causal Diagrams: Clarifying Uncertainty", AI Expert  , Nov. 1991, pp. 42-49. A simple, fun-to-read magazine article about classical Bayesian nets.
  3. Kevin Murphy's list of computer programs that handle classical Bayesian networks. We recommend that you download a demo of one of these programs (for example, Ergo, Netica, Hugin), and play with it.
  4. [Tuc95] Robert R. Tucci, "Quantum Bayesian Nets", Int. Jour. Of Mod. Phys.  B9, 295-337 (1995). US Patent 5787236. This paper is available electronically at quant-ph/9706039

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