Choosing the item Topology... opens a Mac "file-designator" window—a window that allows you to propose a name and location for a new file. Suppose you use the file-designator window to submit AliceTopology as the name of a new file. When you press the OK button, Quantum Fog creates a TEXT file called AliceTopology, and writes information into it. The information characterizes the topology of the net being displayed at the moment in the Main Window.

By choosing the items Names Of Node States... or Amplitudes..., you can create TEXT files containing the names of the node states and the amplitudes of the net.

IMP: If all nodes are unselected, and you press Export/Names Of Node States...(ditto, Export/Amplitudes...), then the TEXT file generated will contain a list of the names of the node states (ditto, a list of the amplitudes of the nodes) for every node of the graph. However, if some nodes are selected, then the file will contain this information only for those nodes that are selected. This feature is convenient when you want the file to show information for just a few, not all, of the nodes.

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