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formulas: E = hf = kT, fλ = c
Temperature (Degs K)
Energy (eV)
Frequency (Hz)
Wavelength (m)

Name of Radiation min frequency (Hz) max frequency (Hz) max wavelength (m) min wavelength (m)
gamma rays 3e19 3e231e-11 1e-15
X rays 2.3e16 3e191.3e-8 1e-11
UV7.5e14 2.3e164e-7 1.3e-8
Visible 4.1e147.5e147.3e-7 4e-7
IR 3e11 4.1e14 1e-37.3e-7
Radio Waves EHF3e10 3e11 1e-21e-3
Radio Waves SHF3e9 3e101e-1 1e-2
Radio Waves UHF3e8 3e9 11e-1
Radio Waves VHF3e7 3e81e1 1
Radio Waves HF3e6 3e7 1e21e1
Radio Waves MF3e5 3e61e3 1e2
Radio Waves LF3e4 3e51e4 1e3
Radio Waves VLF3e33e41e5 1e4